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Breeding at Burghof

Insemination Technician Neil Johnson

Breeding has always been a passion for our family, and the majority of our horses have been bred at our own farms. Since 2002 we own a modern insemination facility, operated by accredited master of horse management and insemination technician Neil Johnson and supervised by our vet Dr. Richard Hirschhäuser. We offer a full service to our breeders, from professional semen collection, via necessary semen preparation to the artificial insemination at our farm or shipping of fresh or frozen semen to our breeders.

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03 - Breeding at Burghof

We select our broodmares based on high performance mother lines, choosing only those mares who have either shown their quality in high level sports or with successful progeny. All broodmares have received solid training under saddle and passed their mare performance test before being used for breeding.

Our yearlings, 2- and 3-year-olds are raised in groups on fields on our farms in Riedstadt, Odenwald and Edertal. Later we start to train the 3-year-olds by working loose and loose-jumping in the indoor rings, before lungeing them and starting them under the saddle. The further training in dressage or jumping is based on the horse’s individual talent. Following this process, many highly talented Dressage horses and Jumpers have found their way to the international show rings around the globe, Ann-Kathrin Linsenhoff’s „Sterntaler“, her European-Champion-Horse from 2005, is just one example.

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